Thursday, January 28, 2016

a universe of divine order

I have been reflecting on what to make this post about for a couple of days. Elder and Sister Bednar came on Tuesday to speak to us at devotional and a "date night" for married students (and engaged!). It was an incredible, faith-affirming experience for me. The Spirit testified that God calls prophets and apostles today just as He always had. I figured I would write about what Elder Bednar taught us (me), and I will, just in a different way than I anticipated about 45 minutes ago.

My day today ended with Old Testament. Unlike Tuesdays, when I have to run to get a good devotional seat, I was free to stick around. I knew it was time to ask my professor a question that had been on my mind for a couple of months.

I'll preface this by saying that my Old Testament professor is Ron Anderson, the same guy I grew to love in Biblical Hebrew last semester. I loved that difficult class, but couldn't continue with the second course because my degree needed to take over, and it so has. But I wasn't about to skip the second half of Old Testament, and I wasn't about to miss having him as a professor. So I took my very basic skills at it and joined the front row of his Old Testament class.

A month or so ago, something interesting, a difference, about the temple was pointed out to me. I tried to figure out why that one little thing was different, but I just couldn't. No ideas or hypotheses came to mind. I wished I were back home at the LDS Institute of Religion, because there is a teacher there (who studied also studied Hebrew) that I had plagued with so many of my troubles and questions before and I knew he'd be able to answer it. Then, I realized it: why not ask his old classmate, Brother Anderson? So I stuck around after class until the room calmed down enough for me to ask my question.

He answered it in a way that showed me entirely why this difference existed in one single "aha!" moment. Though I can't blog any details about the sacred temple teachings, I will say that the reason the difference existed was directly related to the topic that I heard Elder Bednar speak about 2 days ago. Because I had learned about repetition and revelation from an apostle of the Lord, I was finally ready to receive the full and complete answer to my question, and I was prompted by the Spirit to do so. My question was answered, and because of my faithfulness, Brother Anderson was inspired by that same Spirit to proceed to teach me even more about the temple and the gospel and to tell me words of comfort that I needed to hear. I felt the Spirit testify in my heart of the beauty and divinity and completeness of it.

Or, it was all just a happy coincidence.

Supposedly, the universe exists because of a coincidence. The human race got lucky and this planet had the exact perfect ecosystem and chemicals and water, that weird substance, and all these other crazy complicated high-detail things and the human species evolved to become sentient and powerful and religious and weird and unique above all other things on this earth. So complicated, in fact, that they write run-on sentences and a term to describe that type of sentence and a way to publicly share these sentences and facts. I could go on. Statistics are not in favor of the human race, and yet we exist.

I'm not trying to say that, in 6 24-hour periods, the Earth was made and everything thereon. I'm not trying to say that evolution doesn't happen. I'm simply saying that I don't believe in coincidences.

Someday, I will have this knowledge of physics and the universe that I carry on beyond the grave. I'll get to see how the Earth was made and how it fits into the laws I learned and how to change some of those human theories to be pure and correct. It will be incredible because I will see the infinite care that a God put into the place for His children to inhabit and grow to become like Him. What a day that will be!

For now, I'll keep learning, trusting, and enjoying the divine order in my life. I have no time to do all that I do, and yet it gets done and I have all of Sunday to devote to my calling and my spiritual well-being. Small miracles happen every day, and I testify to you all that they are never coincidences.

As a temple sealer said to me and my family, "There are no coincidences, only choreography".

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