Sunday, November 15, 2015


Long time no see! 16 credits and 6 classes are kicking my butt. But I found time (mostly just motivation) to write today.

Don't worry, that promised guest post will happen soon. Just have to get him to do it.

I was sitting in Sunday school today, feeling the weight of my life and my weaknesses. I came before the Lord with a broken heart as my offering. When you do that, He always gives you so much to heal you and uplift you, and all you need is faith to be healed. The lesson was taught by a gorgeous young woman who started off by saying that it was mostly a video lesson because she hadn't had time to prepare much. The lesson she taught would never have revealed that. Each video seemed to have been carefully selected. All of her discussion questions provoked thought and brought the spirit. She waited patiently through silences for the Spirit to speak to class members. And I learned things I needed to, and I was taught by the Spirit what I needed to learn. I turned to Ben and commented on how I liked the way she taught; where the men who teach in my ward don't like the silence and sometimes step on it with "Anybody? Anybody?", she waited.

At the close of her lesson, she broke into tears. She apologized for what she thought was a sad excuse for a lesson, and explained how sad she was because all of us in the audience had served missions and knew way more than she did.

My heart broke. This woman had so much humility she thought she had failed when she had taught better than some RMs that I've heard spend an hour sharing mission stories. She taught of Christ with the Spirit so strong. She felt she was less simply because she hadn't served a mission.

The age change has brought so many blessings. It saddens me that so many women now feel inferior because they haven't had the experience of a formal mission call. There is no ranking in Heaven that places those who did not have the opportunity to serve under those who did. There is no rule that states that some things can only be taught to those called by the prophet himself to serve for a set length of time in some area. All of God's teachings are available to those who ask. We should never act prideful or judgemental about a mission. It is a blessing, but for some of us sisters, it is not necessary.

I hope that the woman who taught today trusts all those that told her how beautifully she taught. She is just as worthy as any RM. And any RM is just as worthy as her. We are all equal to our Savior so long as we follow His commandment to come unto Him.

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