Thursday, September 10, 2015

obligatory post

It's been a couple Thursdays, and since this is a personal blog, I guess I can insert some brief personal stuff.

I'm currently typing from my new apartment in Rexburg. I start classes on Monday. It's been a heck of a week.

I just want to mention a couple points. I owe such gratitude to my Father in Heaven. I had a wonderful week with a wonderful someone last week, and I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my last week at home. And on the way here, I got to spend some time with my parents, stopping by Salt Lake City. We toured the conference center, where in a short month, General Conference will be held and the Spirit will be felt and we will get to hear the words we need to from the General Authorities of the Lord's restored church. The words will be inspired and will touch an open heart easily. The spirit felt in that building was strong. There is art everywhere, and each piece I looked at was a witness of the truth of the gospel.

In particular, there was a series of oil paintings featuring women in the scriptures. I love women in the scriptures. Besides a couple outliers, the few women that are mentioned are so incredibly faithful and devoted to God. They change the world. They inspire me, from Eve to Sarah to Mary to Abish. All the art there is original, and I saw a couple of my favorite paintings of biblical women. I'd write more about the subject if my head didn't hurt and it wasn't 11:20 PM.

I have felt such peace throughout the last week, when I should normally be crazy and off the walls and sad and nervous and anxious, etc, etc, etc. I know it is an answer to prayers I have given to feel peace.

I'll make sure to write a real nice post in a couple weeks. Until then, wish me luck.

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