Thursday, September 24, 2015

education in the world but not of the world

By the time this is posted, I will be mostly through my second week at BYU-Idaho. I have barely begun and barely slept and yet I have already come to notice awesome new things about life for me out here in Rexburg. It totally is what you make of it.

My ability to receive spiritual promptings and insights has been heightened. The campus invites a clear mind and open heart. My roommate mentioned last week how you can find bad things just by simply looking for them, but there is still an overwhelming abundance of good. Coming from Californian junior college, I see the difference so well and I have greater gratitude for it.

Questions I've had for months have been answered. I have seen, even if for the first time, answers I was given long ago. I have received new ones. New questions, new answers, old questions, old and new answers, I just feel so much more attuned to the Spirit. Things that I always imagined would be frightening and full of anxiety are way more easily approached with peace.

I have my tough math and physics classes every day instead of my usual twice a week, but it is far better suited to my needs because each class is only an hour long. There is no oversaturation; people, like sponges, can usually only learn so much at one time until they can't absorb anything at all. Of course, this means I have plenty of homework (15 units of math, science, humanities, Old Testament, and biblical Hebrew) and I spend 8 or 9 hours on campus most of the week, but it's worth it.

The Rexburg temple looks so huge on the hill. It looks huge up close. But every morning that I hike to my first class, just as I get to the building, I see Moroni on the point of the temple over the top of the Ricks building. When I get a ride, we drive almost right up to it. It's a perfect daily reminder.

I feel so much more passionate about my learning. Reading the Old Testament is powerful. Math 215 for the first month is review from integral calculus, and I had such a solid foundation with high school physics that all the basic stuff in my class is making me motion-sick (ha!), but I know once I start learning the scary stuff I will find the drive to get it done. I'll be able to get study buddies despite my tough schedule. I have been greatly blessed by an eternal Father and wonderful earthly parents. I feel the love of all those around me. I am right where I need to be.

I'm also blogging while music is playing and a party is going on right outside of my window. College life.

Last of all, in classrooms full of 95% men, I've never felt prettier.

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